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vent doctors of alaska - anchorage's vent and air duct cleaning

VentDoctorsofAlaskaprovides a professional and thoroughdryerventcleaning service, cleaning from both ends of the system.Firescan occur whenlintbuilds up in thedryerorinthe exhaust duct.Lintcan block the flow of air, cause excessive heat build-up, and result in afireinsomedryers

how to prevent dryer vent fires | hunker

Dryerfiresaren't rare. In an average year,dryersare behind 2,900 homefiresthat cause 5 deaths, 100 injuries and about $35 million in property damage Vacuumlintfrom the back of theventopening and thedryeroutlet. If thedryeris connected with flexible pipe, disconnect both ends of the pipe so

how to clean your dryer vent and reduce fire risk

Dryerlint-if left unchecked-can pose a serious threat to your home safety. Learn how to prevent and Long or curveddryerventsprovide additional areas forlintto collect. Always try to keep your The most important part of preventing alint-relatedfireis being able to recognize the warning signs

dryer fires not just from lint traps; check vents too

According to the IllinoisFireMarshall, there were 273dryerfiresinIllinois just last year. "Theventneeds to be checked and cleaned once a year Make sure yourventis not obstructed or crushed behind yourdryerso there's good airflow. "Lintis very easy to burn, very flammable, doesn't allow for

dryer vent cleaning services by the lint doctor in central oregon

Call TheLintDoctorfor cleaning yourdryerventsinCentral Oregon - we will keep yourdryerworking safely and efficiently for years to come! What does yourdryerventlook like? DirtyDryerVentsare the number one cause of all householdfires! There is a nationally estimated 15,600dryerrelated

lintalert helps prevent clothes dryer-related fires

One of the main culprits indryer-relatedfiresislint. The LintAlert consists of two main parts: the alarm module and SmartTap fitting. The SmartTap fitting is installed in thedryers'transition hose at or near thedryersexhaust port and uses a pressure differential sensor to monitor the pressure

why you need to go beyond the lint trap to keep your dryer safe

Clothesdryerscause thousands of housefiresinthe U.S. per year, and many of those are caused by excesslint. Some newerdryersthat Consumer Reports tested actually have sensors designed to alert you if theirventsare blocked, but the magazine found that the appliances were really only useful

fire prevention 52: 101 uses for dryer lint (u.s. national park service)

Lintinclothesdryerscauses about 15,500firesannually in the U.S. This article provides alternative Clothesdryersare wonderful inventions, but they createdryerlint, the fuzz and bits of cloth flungVentsystems in particular need to be cleaned at least annually, and should be inspected regularly

a guide for preventing dryer vent fires | professional builder

Mostdryerventfiresstart with ignition of built-uplintinthe machine or the ductwork. Of course, you also need to configure the duct in a way that ensures good airflow fordryerventing. The important number here is Net Equivalent Length, which takes the reduced airflow from duct bends into account

dryer vent safety & installation guide: clothes dryer vent installation

Also see CLOTHESDRYERVENTING FAQs for more aboutdryerventsthat resistlintclogging, and about use (or recommendations against using) supplementallintfilters indryerventand duct systems.FireHazards from Clogged or Improperly-Installed ClothesDryerVents. This discussion moved to a

this dryer lint vent cleaner can prevent house fires | hip2save

Removeslintbuildup fromdryervents. "Inonedryer, we collected and weighed thelintremoved by each of three methods we tried in succession. First, we took apart ductwork and removedlintby reaching into nooks and crannies with our hands

gardus linteater rotary dryer vent cleaning... - the home depot

Increasesdryerefficiency and preventsfires. Makes quick work of removinglintbuild-up. Incredibly easy to use with a cordless drill. Ensures the safety of your home by removing dangerouslintbuildup indryervents. Reduces drying times and save money on utility bills

how to prevent dryer fires - consumer reports | 1. clean the lint filter

Every year, firefighters across the country respond to around 13,820 homefirescaused by clothesdryers, according to the NationalFireProtection Association. Somedryershave indicators designed to alert you whenlinthas built up and blocked thevent

how to prevent clothes dryer fires - the laundry alternative

How ClothesDryerFiresOccurs.Lintaccumulation and reduced airflow feed on each other to provide conditions ripe for afire. These new locations meandryerstend to be vented longer distances andventsare generally installed with sharp turns and bends to accommodate the structure of the home

trouble in alaska? massive oil pipeline is threatened by thawing

The Trans-AlaskaPipeline, one of the world's largest oil pipelines, could be in danger. Thawing permafrost threatens to undermine the supports holding up an elevated section of the pipeline, jeopardizing its structural integrity and raising the potential of an oil spill in a delicate and remote

how to prevent dryer fires | 1. clean the lint filter

Every year, firefighters across the country respond to around 13,820 homefirescaused by clothesdryers, according to the NationalFireProtection Association. Somedryershave indicators designed to alert you whenlinthas built up and blocked thevent. Our clothesdryertests have found that LG's

clothes dryer fire safety outreach materials

Help increase awareness about dangerous clothesdryerfiresinyour community with these safety messages and free materials. Don't use a wire screen or cloth to cover the wall damper. They can collectlintand clog thedryervent. Don't dry anything containing foam, rubber or plastic

dryer venting through an unfinished attic | contractor talk

LINTRELATEDFIRESINDRYERS: by Charles C. Roberts, Jr. Manydryerrelatedfiresare attributed tolintaccumulation in thedryeras a result ofLintfrom clothing can enter thedryercavity through improperly installed or damagedlinttraps and contact hot surfaces such as electric heating coils or gardus rle202 linteater rotary dryer vent cleaning

Effectively removes dangerouslintbuildup in almost every type ofdryervent, eliminating a leading cause of housefires; Rotating action of the auger brush and flexible rods scours your entireventwall surface while traversing the multiple turns that are common in mostdryerventsystems

how to prevent dryer vent fires?. as per the national fire... | medium

Thus,dryerventcleaning must be on the top list for anyone to keep the house safe and secure. These are the top 4 code requirements to make sure thedryeris installed as per the required standards. As mentioned earlier,dryerventcleaning is equally important

linteater rotary 10 piece dryer vent cleaning system set | wayfair

The LintEater rotarydryerventcleaning system is the most valuable tool one can own for ensuring safe operation of your clothesdryer. Keepsdryersworking safely and efficiently. Navigates multiple turns indryervents. Reduces drying times. Removeslintbuild up and helps preventdryerfires

reducing injury and damage related to electric dryer fires

dryer-relatedfiresinthe United States identified as a factor indryerfires.Inaddition to allowinglintand fibers to accumulate in adryerfilter and venting result from the drying the number ofdryerfires, recent research has focused attention on the design ofdryersthemselves, and the ability of a

links and other resources - vent doctors of alaska

LintRelatedFiresinDryers-Lintfireinformation with photos.DryerFireArticles from - News articles attained to highlight the importance of properly exhausting thedryer. Product Safety Tips: Clean thoselinttraps - Underwriters Laboratory article on Product safety tips for clothesdryers

the dryer vent doctor - 31 reviews - air duct cleaning

The pricing ofDryerVentDoctoris extremely reasonable at $79 for normalventsand $99 for roofventsthat require more work. Mike showed me how he moves heavydryersand pedestals to gain access to theventand cleans up inside and outside after removing all of thelintand debris caught in thevent

about us - vent doctors of alaska - anchorage's vent and

Alintcongestedventis the root of manydryerissues. READ MORE. Reduce the risk offireand save money from expensive appliance repairs. Find out why hundreds of homeowners, businesses, HOAs, Condo Associations, Realtors and Property Managers have theirdryerventscleaned or inspected annually byVentDoctorsofAlaska. We could save your

vent doctors of alaska - 31 photos - air duct cleaning

6 reviews ofVentDoctorsofAlaska"Excellent service--- good rate, very professional and fixed our problem easily. The technician even corrected an issue that we weren't aware of regarding the length of ourdryerhose (from previous house owners). We called and were scheduled the same day as they had a cancel. Service window was adhered to and we received a call 30 minutes before the tech

dryer vent doctor - 18 reviews - air duct cleaning - 29329

Specialties: TheDryerVentDoctoris a Peoria, Arizona based company that offers valley-wide service. We are a unique company specializing exclusively indryerventcleaning. We are here to make sure yourdryerventis functioning correctly, reducing your energy costs and preventingfires. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we look forward to seeing you in the near future to provide you with

the warning signs and dangers of clogged dryer vents

Ina typical household, thedryerventshould be cleaned at least once a year. Homes with more frequent loads of laundry need to clean out theirventsmore often. The Dangers of a CloggedDryerVent. Don't let the warning signs go unnoticed, or you may be sorry. Cloggeddryerventscontribute to: Housefires

how is a dryer vent on a roof cleaned? | dust doctors blog

Cleaning the InsideVent. The first thing that we will do when cleaning adryerventthat is vented through the roof is to disconnect thedryerand clean the insidevent. Commercial vacuums are used to suck up as muchlintand debris as possible from the inside. Once this step is done, we will proceed to cleaning theventon the roof

dryer vent cleaning services by the lint doctor in central

There is a nationally estimated 15,600dryerrelatedfires, resulting in 20 deaths, and 75.4 million in property damages occuring every year. (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) We pride ourselves in not only providing a professionaldryerventcleaning service to our clients, but educating them on the benefits of maintaining a clean

tips to prevent dryer fires in your business

The outdoor flapper on theventhood remains closed when thedryeris running.LintTraps The majority ofdryerfiresoccur because of highly flammablelintgetting caught in theventand becoming heated to the point of ignition. Emptying the filter before each load isn't enough to protect adryeras they fail to capture all of thelint

dryer vent cleaning - the lint doctor

Usually an hour to an hour and a half depending on undetermined factors such as the severity oflintbuild-up, disconnected duct work, replacement of a damagedventhood, etc... 5. How much does it cost to have mydryerventcleaned? Our basicdryerventcleaning fee is $130, but additional services may be required. Please call for a quote

dryer vent doctor - home | facebook

A cloggeddryerventbrings tremendous amount of preventable problems;dryerventfires, Condensation which can cause mold, increaseddryertimes. It is recommended bydryermanufacturers as well as cityfiredepartment to get yourdryerducts cleaned once a year.Dryerventclog is an unseen hazard unless you are aware of it!

how to prevent dryer fires - yahoo news

The same is true for the check-ventfeature on Maytag and Whirlpooldryers.Dryerfiresare responsible for seven deaths, 344 civilian injuries, and $233 million in property damage annually, says Marty Ahrens, a spokesperson for the NFPA. Given these numbers, we asked CR's experts for advice on reducing your risk of adryerfire

doctor dryer vent - home | facebook

CallDoctorDryerVent262-689-2481 today. TheDoctorisin! Restricted airflow in thedryerventcauses thedryerto run longer, use more energy and increaselintaccumulation causing afirehazard. Improper routing ofdryerventing,lintbuild up, booster fans, exhaust hoods, birds nests and bee hives can also restrict airflow. Call The

pdfcontract number: gs-21f-0128y

Also,dryerfiresinvolving commercialdryerventshave a 78% higher injury rate than residentialdryerfires. A majority of commercialdryerventfiresoccur as a result of highly flammablelintgetting caught in thedryerduct and becoming heated to the point of ignition. Most commercialdryerscome withlinttraps, or filters, designed to

the lint doctor - heating & air conditioning/hvac - bend

3 reviews of TheLintDoctor"We had a problem with ourdryerso we called an appliance store they came over to evaluate the problem and repair. There were several codes thrown and a fuse blown so they made the repairs and charged us $200 everything worked perfectly for two hours and then we were back to where we started thedryershut down again

dryer vent cleaning - memphis tn - the chimney doctor

Let our team of expertly trained, licensed, and insureddryerventcleaning specialists help you and your family keep your risk of housefirelow, all while saving you money on utilities and appliances. Call 901-388-8097 or request an appointment with us right here on our website

vent doctor - home | facebook

Dryerventsare supposed to be cleaned every two years to avoiddryerfiresand reduce drying times. Call or text me, John atVentDoctorLLC, at 813-500-0049 or send me a PM today to schedule yourventcleaning. Only $98 for rotary brushventcleaning, scope camera inspection after cleaning, and cleaning of roofventoutlet

all about lint dryer vent cleaning - home | facebook

All AboutLintDryerVentCleaning. 167 likes.DryerVentCleaning Service Licensed/Insured & C-DET Certified

dryer vent wizard of greater chicago - 15 photos - air

Specialties: Our specialty isdryerventcleaning, repairs, modification to existing systems and newdryerventline installation. Over time,lintand debris accumulate indryerventsand cause clogs that can lead to a number ofdryerventproblems including decreased efficiency. When airflow in adryerventis restricted due to clogs, there is an increased risk offire, carbon monoxide

contact the lint doctor about oregon dryer vent cleaning

Contact TheLintDoctorabout yourDryerVentCleaning Services in Central Oregon.DryerVentCleaning Central Oregon - 541-382-7235 ... Reduce the risk of adryerrelatedfire; Shorten drying times, number of dry cycles; ... ProvidingDryerVentCleaning services for Central Oregon covering: Bend - Redmond - Sunriver - Sisters - Black Butte

about the lint doctor in bend, oregon for dryer lint

TheLintDoctorbusiness was born! We have the professional expertise to thorougly clean anydryerventsystem and approach each job as if we were doing it for our own home. We pride ourselves in not only providing a professional service to our clients, but educating them on the benefits of maintaining a cleandryerventsystem

lint out dryer vent cleaning in naples, fl with reviews

1.LintOutDryerVentCleaning. House Cleaning. Website. (239) 332-5468. 12331 Towne Lake Dr. Fort Myers, FL 33913. 2. AllDryerVentService byLintMan

top-rated dryer vent cleaning & repairs in northern

ResidentialDryerVentCleaning. Includes anin-depth 22-Point Safety Inspection of the entiredryerexhaust system anddryerexhaust ductwork. We clean using professional-grade equipment to break looselint, debris, and nests from thelinttrap housing of thedryer. This vital service protects your home fromfires, smoke, and pollutants

best 30 dryer vent cleaning in fort myers beach, fl with

1755 Red Cedar Dr Apt 22. Fort Myers, FL 33907. 5. RELIABLEDRYERVENTCLEANING.DryerVentCleaning Ventilation Cleaning Washers &DryersService & Repair. (1) (239) 321-2541. Cape Coral, FL 33993. I used their services when staying in the area and the staff was amazing, and very helpful


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