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mako mining - your narrow vein mining partner

MakoMininghave recently added a fully rebuilt Atlas Copco MT2010 to their growingnarrowveinhaulage fleet. With a max height of 2,540mm and width of 2,400mm, this compact reliable work horse can navigate the smallest of drives for fast efficient ore/waste transfers. Ask about our attractive hire rates today. NORMET SPRAYMEC 6050

goldcorp narrow-vein mining equipment

The newequipmentwe developed for this project met all of Goldcorp's requirements fornarrow-veinmining. The line has since become part of Marcotte's standard fleet designs. For further information, contact: TimberlandEquipmentLimited Tova Gossling Digital & Social Media Coordinator 1-705-566-5030

narrow vein & low-profile mining

product for thenarrow-veinminingsector in its miniLoader L140B. An optimised and advanced version of the L120B, the miniLoader L140B can carry a 1.4 t payload, has a 0.6-0.8 cu.m bucket, and comes with a length of 5.3 m and width of 1.1 m, making it suitable fornarrow-veinoperations. "Compared to the diesel-powered alternative

aramine - the underground mining specialist

With battery machines, ARAMINE is entering a technological revolution inminingequipmentand is establishing itself as a leader inNarrowVein. In order to bring more performance and meet customers' needs, our R&D department continuously improves autonomy, power, comfort and safety of our machines

mining machines for small spaces | e & mj

As noted in last year's review (Niche Machines forNarrow-VeinMining), Boart Longyear's focus fornarrow-veinapplications is on long-hole rigs for stoping. Weighing just 3.75 mt, its StopeMate pneumatic production drill is small enough to fit through a 1.3-m x 1.9-m (50 x 75-in.) opening, and can fit into a man cage with no disassembly

micro bolter designed for narrow vein mining - sudbury

Micro bolter designed fornarrowveinminingTheminingindustry has an enviable record of overcoming engineering challenges, but one challenge that has baffledequipmentdesigners and engineers until now is how to install a six- or eight-foot bolt in an eight-foot high drift using mechanized e

aramine machines | narrow vein underground machines

The Leaders inNarrowVeinMiningEquipment. Aramine aremanufacturersofequipmentand a specialist in undergroundminingsolutions for more than 30 years! The innovative and unique range of small and medium section machines cover high productivity, high reliability, great comfort and safety

narrow-vein mining research project

Theminingindustry is continually looking for ways to automate and mechanize its operations. This presents a great challenge fornarrow-veinoperations. The actualminingparameters and existing mechanizedequipmentmake profitability difficult to achieve

the narrow vein mining advantage | great eastern gold

The advantages ofnarrowveinminingare multiple. Firstly, the initial capital expenditure for anarrowveinoperation is much lower, as it is a small operation with smaller and lessequipmentthan traditionalminingmethods. . Secondly,narrowveinminingis far more precise in targeting the ore body. In mostminingoperations, the size of

mining machines for small spaces

Atlas Copco's range ofequipmentsuitable for use innarrow-veinapplications includes development jumbos, stoping and bolting rigs, and LHDs. The Boomer T1D, for instance, is a singleboom jumbo, equipped with a heavy-duty boom and capable of carrying a range of drill options to suit individual customers' requirements

narrow vein mining | komatsu mining corp

NarrowveinminingEngineering andMiningJournal, Oct 12, 2016. Joy Global's hard rockminingportfolio now contains a robust lineup ofnarrowveinequipment. Read the full story. Back to the news archiveMiningequipment... Suppliers Ariba network; Supplier portal; Conflict minerals

mining equipment alban | rdh mining equipment

We've been providing quality underground mobileminingand tunnelingequipmentfor nearly 30 years. Our product line includes, but is not limited to: jumbo drill rigs, LHD's underground loaders, scissor lifts, flatbed boom trucks, fuel & lube trucks, bolters, underground trucks,narrowvein& customequipment, usedequipment, & parts

narrow vein - womp - world of mining professionals

Equipmentmanufacturersmust consider a variety of safety regulations worldwide as they design and manufactureequipmentfornarrow-veinminingapplications. When it comes to safety in confined spaces, Aramine has a professional who specializes in ergonomics and regulations in its R&D department

pdfnarrow vein underground mining - maptek

narrowveinmining,veincharacteristics and grade can change rapidly. Local resource models rapidly become outdated as information is collected from drifting alongveins. Short term modelling requiresveinmodels to be rebuilt regularly. Monthly rebuilds fit the reconciliation and short term planning cycles, and lead to better quality

aramine machines | narrow vein mining | smarttech australia

The Leaders inNarrowVeinMiningEquipment. Aramine aremanufacturersofequipmentand a specialist in undergroundminingsolutions for more than 30 years! The innovative and unique range of small and medium section machines cover high productivity, high reliability, great comfort and safety

pdfequipment mobile mechanical vein miner;

30Veinis located approximately 1.6 km (1 mile) north of the Lucky FridayVein. Underhandminingusing teleremote continuous mechanical cutting. Allminingactivity was transferred from the Lucky Fridayveinto the 30Vein(and associated parallelveins) in the late 1990s, with access to the 30Veinvia horizontal haulage drives from the

equipment hire & sales - mako mining - your narrow vein

Our fleet of specialistnarrowveindrill rigs are the perfect match up for those smaller profile mine designs where a more compactequipmentsolution is required. Both development and production configurations are currently available for hire now. Call or email us today and make an enquiry

narrow vein mining archives - page 2 of 2 - international

The company has become renowned for developing machines for the undergroundnarrow-veinmarket and said of theminingtechnique: "The advantage of thenarrow-veinminingmethods is to improve the ore grade delivered to the mill, significantly reduce waste development and reduceequipment,mining, ventilation and fuel costs."

mine master underground narrow vein drilling rig face

Mine Master undergroundnarrowveindrilling rig Face Master

a better handle on drilling - cim

As both aminingcontractor andequipmentmanufacturer, CMAC-Thyssen understood the problems with the traditional jackleg drill from both a user and designer perspective. The solution the company developed borrowed an idea from the construction sector, which makes use of a hydraulic positioning arm to chip concrete

specialised equipment and mining techniques for narrow

There are continuing developments in undergroundnarrowveinmining, from innovativeminingmethods using low-profileequipmentto adaptations of currentminingmethods usingequipmentsuch as road-headers. The development of newminingmethods andminingequipmenthas one purpose in mind - to extractnarrowreef orebodies keeping dilution to a minimum, whilst maximisingminingrecovery

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A world leader inminingequipmentand rock excavation. Our constantly evolving offering forminingand rock excavation covers rock drilling, rock cutting, crushing and screening, loading and hauling, tunneling, quarrying and breaking and demolition. No matter the terrain, material or ground hardness, we'll ensure you're matched with the right

narrow vein mining equipment (drill hire) - minspares

OurNarrowVeinMiningMachinery. While traditional large-scalemininghas dominated the Australianminingscene, many companies are seeing the financial benefits of using smaller, more modernequipment. As a more precise method ofmining,narrowveinminingcan often produce a higher-grade commodity

narrow vein scissor lift truck undergrounding mining

NARROWVEINSCISSOR LIFT FEATURES. The SPARTANarrowVeinScissor Lift is built with a heavy duty construction frame, featuring a Cummins Diesel QSB 4.5 130HP at 2200 RPM engine, with a deck length of 7.22 meters and a deck width of 1.78 meters. The SPARTANarrowVeinScissor Lift includes platform lift capacities of 5,000 pounds, and a tramming height of 2.74 meters

j&s manufacturing | products

Theequipmentis simple and designed for the end user. In addition to these great features, each one of the machines in our fleet has interchangeable parts across the line. Customer satisfaction is a quality we here at J&S Manufacturing take pride in


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